GraphQL 101

Sep 21, 2018



By now you’ve all heard about GraphQL, but is it just another buzzword option when creating an API, especially for UIs? I will show some of the things that make this tech one of the best inventions of the last decade. We’ll look at how types and introspection make GraphQL shine when it comes to developer experience, all the way to how it will even improve your informal reasoning about your applications. ABOUT ROMAN SCHEJBAL Roman’s first foray into engineering oddly started with Photoshop which led him down the rabbit hole of HTML and CSS. At high school he ventured into e-commerce, built his first e-commerce platform and felt immense satisfaction in people using and finding value in the things he crafted. After helping a few startups and consulting bigger companies in London, he’s now back in Prague, trying to bring boldness to technology while still building things the right way.



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