Appealing to riders and elephants: Applying the happiness hypothesis when communicating designs

Sep 22, 2018



The real designers in the room are the ones who make the decisions. How you facilitate discussions and support your solutions may be more important than the design itself. I’ll walk through cases where analytics and stories came together to offer deeper, more compelling narratives. I’ll demonstrate how our team of designers and analysts communicated the process in ways that reached intuitive and rational stakeholders alike. ABOUT BRENT PALMER Brent Palmer is a Design Manager at Zendesk France where he heads up UX and Design for Zendesk’s analytics product, Explore. Previously, he was Director of UX at TrendKite, an analytics platform for Public Relations professionals. Before a long career in technology, he spent ten years in advertising. He is active in the design community and regularly speaks at meetups and design conferences. He has two daughters who teach him the best part of creativity is making mistakes.



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