The Social and Economic Fabric of Decentralized Space Development

by · Nov 1, 2018 · 42 views ·

Crowdsourcing and crowdfunding has existed in the aerospace industry for decades, although usually they occur independent from one another. With the advent of cryptoeconomics, incentive systems can be designed that synergize crowdsourcing and crowdfunding in new ways to enable mass coordination in open source space development. Space Decentral is a DAO building an international citizen-led space agency, with a novel governance model and ultimate goal of bringing humanity together to collectively accomplish the impossible. Project proposals are vetted and curated by the Space Decentral community, with curation leading towards project activation for volunteer-driven crowdsourcing. Ethical complications arise when volunteers help bootstrap for-profit entities without legal protections in place for ownership. To solve for this, Space Decentral's projects will use a tokenized task management system built on top of Aragon, that will track individual work contributions. By participating in Space Decentral, the expectation is: should a nascent mission spin-off into a new entity (such as a child DAO) each individual’s stake will be measured by the non-transferable tokens collected, which will be transparently accounted for on Ethereum. This new collaborative model is generic and can be applicable to any organization that wants to combine crowdsourcing and crowdfunding.

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