How To Frida Good

by · May 31, 2019 · 133 views ·


There are currently between seven and eleventy billion mobile applications in Apple and Google app stores. Users have on average 150 mobile applications on their devices and screen time varies from 5-10hrs per day. Needless to say, we are entrenched in mobile applications and at the mercy of the security of the devices and applications. Over the years there have been many tools released for instrumenting and debugging mobile applications for security purposes, such as Snoop-it, Drozer, cycript, lldb, etc. Frida was released in late 2013, but really started taking a stronghold in mobile application security testing when the other tools became less useful or unmaintained. But how can we best use Frida, what is too deep, and what other tools can we use to improve our mobile testing methods? Join Kevin as he walk you through examining functionality of both iOS and Android apps to learn how they work, and dynamically instrument the applications as they are used. You should walk away with a better idea of how powerful Frida is, and how miserable mobile application security is if an attacker has physical access to a device.