The web strikes back! Transforming users needs into a highly performant mobile web

Sep 20, 2019



Creating a seamless user experience for a mobile web application requires not only a seamless user flow-close to native UI/UX design, but also a fast and highly performant UX. What does it mean? Besides understanding the needs of our mobile web users and provide them with intuitive UX, it also requires state of the art set of technical tooling to allow web user interfaces to be frictionless, maintainable and expandable. In the redesign of our mobile web project, we would like to share you our journey in covering 3 initial steps to reach the highly performant mobile web design: - Discover the users' needs of the mobile web, translate them into a seamless interaction and clear user flow - A design system to provide a modular, consistent, lightweight implementations of web components to be used to provide a consistent UI to all of our micro-frontends - Our approach in using progressive web apps and web components in order to provide a modern development ecosystem optimised for mobile web where team can transclude their self-contained components seamlessly In addition to those initial steps, we also need to consider the higher level of the organizational set-up and how we should work closely with people in the organization in order to reach the goal. Most importantly, how did we ensure the harmony of the collaboration amongst cross-functional teams and stakeholders when putting this holistic approach smoothly in the product development cycle?



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