Living a Life Without Secrets: Design in an Era of IoT

Mar 5, 2020



The internet of things is coming for your products and user experiences. Connected devices and the services built on top of those devices will soon be part of your home and your office environments. This will fundamentally change how we interact with businesses, traditional products and perhaps even with each other. In this talk Stacey Higginbotham will discuss the challenges associated with designing connected products and services for both the home and office. She’ll talk about the ethics of building what is essentially an always-on surveillance state and how to mitigate the risks associated with that. We’ll also discuss how to design products with privacy and security in mind as well as contemplate the myriad design challenges that arise when computing is everywhere. What interfaces will work best? What does a multi-modal user experience look like? How do you build one? You’ll come away armed with ways to make this technology transition beneficial as opposed to bewildering.


About ConveyUX

ConveyUX is a series of events, produced by Blink UX, of interest to user experience professionals.

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