Multi-objective Bayesian Optimization using Pareto-frontier Entropy

Jul 12, 2020



This paper studies an entropy-based multi-objective Bayesian optimization (MBO). The entropy search is successful approach to Bayesian optimization. However, for MBO, existing entropy-based methods ignore trade-off among objectives or introduce unreliable approximations. We propose a novel entropy-based MBO called Pareto-frontier entropy search (PFES) by considering the entropy of Pareto-frontier, which is an essential notion of the optimality of the multi-objective problem. Our entropy can incorporate the trade-off relation of the optimal values, and further, we derive an analytical formula without introducing additional approximations or simplifications to the standard entropy search setting. We also show that our entropy computation is practically feasible by using a recursive decomposition technique which has been known in studies of the Pareto hyper-volume computation. Besides the usual MBO setting, in which all the objectives are simultaneously observed, we also consider the “decoupled” setting, in which the objective functions can be observed separately. PFES can easily adapt to the decoupled setting by considering the entropy of the marginal density for each output dimension. This approach incorporates dependency among objectives conditioned on Pareto-frontier, which is ignored by the existing method. Our numerical experiments show effectiveness of PFES through several benchmark datasets.



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