Zero to Hero: AI based assistance in industrial machine operation

May 29, 2022



Timo Leitritz, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation Training new users at a production machine is a time intensive and expensive task. In this talk we want to discuss the possibilities in leveraging AI technologies in computer vision, machine analysis and language to create a system that assists users in learning and executing machine operation. The focus lies on user centered human machine interaction and a flexible way to fit the system to new scenarios and machines as well as different user seniorities. There are unique challenges that we will outline and additionally present our own experiences from previous projects.sequences of activities that represent a task and text generation models to generate a human understandable step-by-step guideline for inexperienced users. This guideline can then be played back to this user accordingly. SLEM learns by watching an experienced user working on the machine. This combined approach is designed to be adaptable to a variety of different machines for multiple tasks like



About Machine Learning Prague

Machines can learn. Incredibly fast. Faster than you. They are getting smarter and smarter every day. They are already changing your world, your business and your life. Artificial intelligence revolution is here. Come and learn how to turn this threat into your biggest opportunity. This is not another academic conference. Our goal is to foster discussion between machine learning practitioners and all people who are interested in applications of modern trends in artificial intelligence. You can look forward to inspiring people, algorithms, data, applications, workshops and a lot of fun during three days as well as at two great parties.

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