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  • 12 presentations 12 talks · 4 366 views
    The mission of The New York Public Library is to inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, and strengthen our communities.
  • 63 presentations 63 talks · 13 856 views
    Global Psychedelic Forum
  • 40 presentations 40 talks · 56 305 views
    České vysoké učení technické v Praze je nejstarší technickou univerzitou ve střední Evropě a tvoří jej v současnosti osm fakult.
  • 218 presentations 218 talks · 258 028 views
    WebExpo is the largest conference in Central Europe for anyone whose business relates to the internet and who’d want to keep up-to-date.
  • 22 presentations 22 talks · 24 427 views
    A new "science cafe" is starting up in Santa Cruz, designed to connect the Santa Cruz community to the latest research happening at UC Santa Cruz. Science on Tap, held monthly at the Crepe Place in Santa Cruz, features scientists from UCSC who will present their work and engage in discussions with the audience in a relaxed setting. The informal talks are aimed at a general audience, including nonscientists and people not affiliated with UCSC.
  • 47 presentations 47 talks · 36 141 views
    We are pleased to announce the 16th International Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry (WTTC16), to be held in Santa Fe, New Mexico, August 29th – September 1st of 2016.
  • 12 presentations 12 talks · 5 396 views
    Get inspired by talks about remote work
  • 23 presentations 23 talks · 17 019 views
    Lick Observatory is located on 4200' Mt. Hamilton in the Diablo Range, east of San Jose, California. Largest among its nine research-grade telescopes is the Shane 3-meter Reflector, active since 1959. The 3-meter is in operation every clear night of the year, used by many different astronomers from within the UC system for a variety of projects ranging from observations of our solar system to distant galaxies. More information about the observatory, science and education programs can be found at our website. If you like these lectures, please support our Public Outreach and Education by donating to the Observatory or by becoming a member of the Friends of Lick Observatory.
  • 29 presentations 29 talks · 4 688 views
    We, the German MCT summit orga-team, are happy to invite you to another great event with a lot of information, knowledge transfer, networking with your peers and a lot of fun! The summit will take place from August 4th to 6th, 2016 with the last day as a social event day.
  • 49 presentations 49 talks · 27 113 views
    DREAM. INNOVATE. BUILD. Live media for Digital Marketing, Startups & Emerging Technologies.
  • 31 presentations 31 talks · 3 941 views
    International Conference on The Mathematics of Jiří Matoušek, Charles University, Prague 2016
  • 34 presentations 34 talks · 9 196 views
    We proudly announce that Prague is the hosting city of the XXIIIrd Congress of International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing. The General Assembly at the XXIInd ISPRS Congress in Melbourne elected Prague as the next host of the Congress. Lena Halounová, the chairperson of the Czech Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing (SFDP -, was appointed the Congress Director. Organizers of the Congress are eager to provide excellent services for all participants in order to prepare a fully convenient and pleasant event. Prague and its citizens will be more than happy to make you feel satisfied and comfortably during the Congress.


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    1 presentation 1 talk · 1 723 views
  • F
    1 presentation 1 talk · 1 022 views
  • 2 presentations 2 talks · 2 886 views
    Software Architect
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    2 presentations 2 talks · 1 292 views
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 3 276 views
    Android Engineer at Slack
  • L
    1 presentation 1 talk · 1 402 views
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 595 views
    Head of Mobile & Web @ Captain Train & Freelance Android Expert Mentor
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 5 680 views
    Mobile Engineering Manager @Spotify
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 26 346 views
    iOS Developer, Speaker. Made: Objective-C Playgrounds, @foldify, 3D engines, App Store Essential apps. iOS at @NYTimes
  • 2 presentations 2 talks · 2 806 views
    Founder & CEO, Step Up Labs
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 415 views
    Mr. Asbeck is Principal Adviser for Space and Security Policy, European External Action Service (EEAS), previously served as Director of the European Union Satellite Centre (EU SatCen), and Deputy Director of the former Western European Union Satellite Centre.
  • J
    1 presentation 1 talk · 816 views
    Ms. Robinson is a Space Policy Officer at the European External Action Service (EEAS), previously Resident Fellow at the European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), seconded from the European Space Agency (ESA), and earlier served as Development Director at the Prague Security Studies Institute.
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    1 presentation 1 talk · 1 117 views
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    2 presentations 2 talks · 1 393 views
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    1 presentation 1 talk · 1 117 views
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    2 presentations 2 talks · 1 409 views

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