Alain Mullenex

Alain Mullenex, MA, France, is a philosopher, also specialist in international relations and conflicts, humanist and transpersonal therapist. He has worked for 12 years in South and Central America in accompaniment to human rights defenders and displaced communities. He is founder and director of the international organization “Voces con Sentidos” (Voices with Senses), which works on art and creativity as a means of social transformation and personal growth. Specialized in artistic and creative methodologies, He works with refugees to develop the emotional strengthening and the resilience. Growing up in a broad family spiritual context (Judaism, Catholicism, Protestantism, Russian-Orthodox and Buddhism), he explores shamanism through Amerindian Lakota traditions. For several years, he accompanies distinct groups at risk from art and creativity as a way of developing autonomy and resilience. Trained in transpersonal psychology in Barcelona (IPTB), he is currently dedicated to accompanying processes of transformation, self-knowledge and personal growth, through a holistic therapeutic vision with individuals and groups.