Irene Santiago

Irene Santiago, MA, Spain, is a psychologist, transpersonal therapist, specialized in psychosocial care to individuals, organizations and groups in situations of human rights violations, emergencies and disasters. She worked in Colombia, Venezuela, Perú and Mexico with people affected by armed conflict, migrants, refugees, people in situation of forced displacement (PTSD). Irene is a psychosocial-community assistance to refugees since 2015 under the Asylum Program of the Ministry of the Interior (Spain). She currently works as the pedagogical coordinator of the association “Voces con Sentidos”. With almost 20 years of experience accompanying individuals, groups in trauma and extreme stress contexts. She focusses her psychological work on strengthening people's resources, capacities and resilience to overcome limit situations. In this professional and human path, she learnt from the complexity and the multidimensionality of the human being.