Jakub Vrána

Since year 2000, my professional career is connected with PHP and web development. I program mainly in PHP connected to MySQL with usage of JavaScript on the client side. After several years spent professionally in Czech Republic, I got an offer from Facebook to work in California. I co-created a new Facebook photo viewer and then moved to a Developer Tools team working on the code collaboration tool Phabricator. I am author of the book 1001 Tips and Tricks for PHP and I am listed as one of eight current authors of the official PHP Manual since 2003. I have also written tens of technical articles both for Internet magazines and for my weblog. I presented on several international conferences. I also taught web development on Charles University in Prague and I conducted my own seminars (Security, Performance, PHP, PHP 5, MySQL, and JavaScript). Apart my regular job, I have also created couple of my own projects: card game written in Delphi, web database management console, PHP library for simple reading data from database, and JavaScript syntax highlighter. I'm obsessed with security and performance. I love creating applications that are secure by design, not by set of rules engineers have to obey. I hate slow and inefficient applications. This passion is not only about the application speed but also about the efficiency of users interacting with the application - if there's an extra step required somewhere then I have to eliminate it. Specialties: PHP, security, performance, logical web design JavaScript, jQuery, HTML, CSS SQL, database design, replication Git, SVN

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