Jan Borovička

Geomycology, Environmental Geochemistry. I investigate interactions between macrofungi (macromycetes, mushrooms) and geological bedrock. I am especially interested in ability of macrofungi to take up and accumulate trace elements in fruit-bodies (metals, metalloids, halogens, etc.). I focus on the role of macrofungi in biogeochemical cycling of trace elements and in influence of environmnetal and/or artificial factors; I also study influence of geological bedrock on biodiversity of macrofungi. Furthermore, I am interested in taxonomy of macrofungi, especially genera Psilocybe s.s., Russula, Amanita, Hebeloma and Alnicola s.l. I closely co-operate with many researchers from various institutions, namely with dr. Pavel Kotrba (chemical form of metals in fungal tissues, molecular-genetics aspects of metal accumulation, biotechnological applications) and dr. Milan Gryndler (experiments in vitro, applications of molecular genetics in geochemistry). Other co-workers: dr. Martin Mihaljevič (lead isotopes and their applications); dr. Miroslav Oborník (molecular phylogeny of macrofungi); dr. Colin Dunn (biogeochemistry); dr. Tomáš Cajthaml (soil microbiology), etc. I also study chemical behavior of some elements in the environment, especially in soils - I focus on silver, gold and uranium. As the last research field, I mention my interest in biogenic opals - phytolits - and their chemical composition. At the Institute of Geology, I mostly deal with soil analysis and analytical methods ICP-EOS a ICP-MS. I am partly employee at the Nuclear Physics Institute, CAS, where I use and extraordinary analytical tool - instrumental neutron activation analysis (INAA) which is particulary suitable for determination of trace elements in macrofungi.

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