John Zachariah Newton

"I am a young researcher and mental health support worker, with an interest in psychedelic, meditation and creativity research. My background in Transpersonal Psychology began in 2011 studying an undergraduate degree titled 'Psychology & Society', which involved a combination of transpersonal, psychoanalytic, and social/critical psychology. This course had a profound impact on my understanding of human psychology and society, both intellectually and experientially. I have published research on mindfulness and musical creativity in the International journal of Transpersonal studies (2015), and have worked in clinical psychedelic research studying the effects of LSD on creativity (2016). I have since continued to engage in the exciting research into psychedelics, volunteering for MAPS at conferences in Europe and the US. This summer I will partake in a mindfulness teacher training course that explores the relationship between leadership, social change and mindfulness through a variety of mindful dialogical methods. I am also working on a book project with Stanley Krippner on identity, and in September will begin a Masters degree in Clinical psychology."