Kaleb Smith

Kaleb Smith is a transpersonal researcher specializing in modeling psychedelic cognition, in both modern clinical and ancient shamanic contexts. His Master's degree from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology specialized in Transpersonal Education and Research (TERS) was attained concurrent to his work at the Neurophenomenology laboratory in Palo Alto, CA, where he completed a pilot study utilizing a 64-channel EEG array to measure the neurological correlates of isochronic entrainment stimuli. After graduation, Smith went on to work at Stanford University's Psychophysiology laboratory, assisting in EEG research exploring the neurological signature of emotional regulation techniques. His current doctoral dissertation research attempts to relate latent inhibition (LI) and semantic hyperpriming models to the psychedelic state, to better understand the cognitive mechanics of the entheogenic, transpersonal, and "unitive" states of consciousness.

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