M. S. Kovacs

MICHAEL KOVACS completed his PhD with Chris Orvig at UBC in the areas of Tc/Re coordination chemistry, and Ga, In, lanthanide chemistry. After receiving an NSERC Industrial Research Fellowship, Dr. Kovacs worked with EBCO Technologies Inc. (Advanced Cyclotron Systems) where he managed production of the company’s automated synthesizer unit (ASU) and cyclotron target product lines. Some of his research accomplishments included development of a commercial [C-11] methyl triflate module and the development of a new high performance F-18 water target. During his tenure at EBCO, Dr Kovacs worked on six new medical cyclotron projects throughout the world, including the Cross Cancer Institute in Edmonton where he acted as project manager for the commissioning, acceptance and customer training. At his current position at Lawson, Dr. Kovacs oversees the operation of the Nordal Cyclotron & PET Radiochemistry Facility. His research interests include the development of ASU's based on novel radiochemistry principles, cyclotron targetry and radionuclide production/purification, and the application of novel coordination chemistry to radiopharmaceuticals incorporating metal ions.