Matt Statman

Matthew Statman is the Manager of the Collegiate Recovery Program at the University of Michigan and faculty advisor to the University of Michigan Student for Recovery group. He is an adjunct lecturer at Eastern Michigan University school of Social Work. Matt is also a Board Member of the Association of Recovery in Higher Education. Matt worked with Dawn Farm from 2004 through 2012, first as a House Manager and Resident Aid and later as a Detox Counselor and Detox Team Leader. After obtaining his MSW, Matt worked as an Outpatient Therapist and an Administrator and Therapist in Dawn Farm’s Correctional Programs, and as a Residential Therapist at Dawn Farm Downtown. Matt was the Dawn Farm Education Series coordinator from 2007 through 2012. He graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2009 with his BSW and received his MSW from the University of Michigan in 2010. In July 2017 Matt received the Kitty L. Harris Lifetime Achievement Award from the Association of Recovery in Higher Education.