Matthias Forstmann

r. Matthias Forstmann is a social psychologist from the University of Cologne, Germany, who investigates a variety of topics related to the human mind. His dissertation work focused on experimental philosophy of mind, specifically on people’s common-sense beliefs and intuitions about how the mind relates to the body. He is further involved in research programs investigating different aspects of religious belief, moral judgment, and essentialism. Together with Dr. Christina Sagioglou (University of Innsbruck, Austria) he currently examines the non-clinical effects of psychedelic substances on cognition and behavior. Specifically, he is investigating how lifetime experience with these substances may alter beliefs and attitudes on a variety of dimensions, and which cognitive processes may be causally responsible for these long-term effects. In particular, his current line of research is focused on how the psychedelic experience can shape people’s perceived relationship with nature, as well as the behavioral consequences of this perception.