Petr Lisý

"I gained my M.A. in Adult Education at the Charles University in Prague. During the studies, I became both personally and professionally interested in the work and ideas of C.G. Jung, as well as Stanislav Grof, and since then the archetypal view on reality seems to have become my lifetime passion. Later on, I completed the two-year course in Psychological Astrology led by Rudolf Starý, the most brilliant Jungian thinker and astrologer in the country, and after that I became practising jungian astrologist (consultations, lectures, courses, articles published). I draw on the work of astrologers like Dane Rudhyar, Richard Tarnas, and Liz Greene. In the years 2008-2012, I also passed out advanced training in the psychotherapeutic method of Biosynthesis and became certified psychotherapist. I also translated into Czech language books by authors like S. Grof, E. Laszlo, C.M. Bache, G. Roth or H.H. Dalai Lama. I am a board member of The Club of Budapest CZ and had lectures at the Czech Transpersonal Conference 2016 and European Integral Conference 2016. Currently I am working on organization of ITC 2017 and writing a book named ARCHETYPAL ASTROLOGY, which is to be published this Summer."