Tom Hudson

Thomas B. Hudson has practiced consumer financial services law since 1973. He has focused his practice on matters relating to vehicle financing and leasing. Mr. Hudson is a partner in the California, Connecticut, DC, New York, Virginia and Maryland law firm of Hudson Cook, LLP, and chairs the firm. He is President of, LLC, and is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief of CARLAW®, a monthly subscription service that reports legal developments in the auto finance and lease business. His clients include small and large dealerships. He is a past President of the American College of Consumer Financial Services and is outside general counsel to the National Automotive Finance Association. He is a frequent writer and speaker on topics relating to vehicle finance and leasing. He is also author of the books: CARLAW® ~ A Southern Attorney Delivers Humorous Practical Legal Advice on Car Sales and Financing! (April 2006) and CARLAW® F&I Legal Desk Book (December 2006).