Vladimir Maykov

Vladimir Maykov, Ph.D. is a pioneer of transpersonal studies in Russia. Since 1990, he has developed and taught more than 15 teaching and training programs in transpersonal psychology and psychotherapy. He is the author of Elements of Transpersonal Psychology (2000), Holotropic Breathing: History, Sources, Research, Clinics (2001), Transpersonal Psychology: Sources, History, Present-day State (2004) and Transpersonal Project: Psychology, Anthropology, Spiritual Traditions (2007). He founded an international publishing project to publish transpersonal psychology texts in Russian and has edited about 80 books for this project. He is senior research associate at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Chair of Transpersonal Psychology at the Moscow Institute of Psychoanalyses. He is President of the Russian Association for Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy, Board member of EUROTAS and ITA, and founder of Transpersonal Project – organization for promoting the whole spectrum of transpersonal knowledge (www.transpersonal.ru). He is film director, who’s documentary film “The Dance of Infinity” was shown on Russian TV and in many European countries. The film is based on Vladimir’s interviews with main founders and leaders of transpersonal, integral and process work psychology (including S. Grof, Ch. Grof, K. Wilber, A. Mindell, Ch. Tart, etc), famous spiritual teachers (including Dalai Lama XIV, Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche, Pilot Baba, Andrew Cohen, etc) and artists (including Alex Grey, Martina Hoffman, Silvia Nakkach, Deva Premal, etc,)