Wess Mitchell

A. Wess Mitchell is President of the Center for European Policy Analysis. A co-founder of the institute, he has played a leading role in CEPA’s growth since 2005 to become the largest center for analytical expertise on Eastern Europe and Russia in the United States. Mitchell is the author of numerous articles, reports and book chapters on geopolitics and U.S. national security. A sixth-generation Texan, he holds a Master’s Degree in German & European Studies from Georgetown University’s Edmund A. Walsh School of Foreign Service, where he was awarded the 2004 Hopper Award, and recently completed the dissertation for a doctoral degree in political science at Freie University Berlin. During the 2012 U.S. Presidential election, he served on the National Security Transition Team for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign and was subsequently Chair of the Europe Working Group for the John Hay Initiative. He recently completed his third book and is the co-author with Jakub Grygiel of Unquiet Frontier: Vulnerable Allies, Rising Rivals and the Crisis of American Power, released in 2016 by Princeton University Press.