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Smarter workforce, social business, social HR and employees

od · 6. listopad 2013 · 2 832 zhlédnutí ·

In a recent survey, 71% of CEOs told us that their greatest source of sustained economic value is human capital. It stands to reason that your greatest opportunities—to drive performance, to fuel growth, to be better—are there inside your workforce. Attracting, unlocking, and energizing that potential, person by person, is the purpose of the Smarter Workforce. During his session Luis Aguilar will take the audience through a number of fundamental changes in our society as introduction to the impact that technology has today on the way we live and how it all develops toward a newly shaped workplace. The session will illustrate how in this context and in this moment in time the Human Resources leadership community find themselves on a critical crossroads with phenomenal potential to influence the workplace dynamics in the next coming years and convert the challenging changing environment into tangible business values for their organisations.

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