Building Awesome Digital Products Using Agile part 1/4

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Want to build magnificent digital products that add business value? Learn how to implement an Agile environment to reduce time to Product-Market Fit. This course discusses the foundations of Agile and how to define and implement an effective process. This training will help attendees develop excellent Agile skills that will lead to building great digital products. It covers the fundamentals, knowledge, skills, tools and documents that are needed. Through a combination of lectures, examples and discussions, attendees will learn about all aspects of how to effectively implement and manage the process of building a digital product that is valuable, usable, and scalable within a manageable level of effort and reasonable time to market. This course is for business owners, entrepreneurs, new or entry-level product managers, and other product leaders within tech startups and small businesses that want to expand their knowledge and build competence. Learning Objectives: • Why Agile matters • How to define an Agile process • How to integrate with your product life cycle process • Organizing an Agile product team • Assigning tasks and deliverables • Building your digital product • How to measure success • Reducing time to Product-Market Fit Part 1 of 4

Hector Del Castillio

Product Management Consultant

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