Psychology in the Light of the East

Oct 1, 2017



Spirituality is nothing but practical psychology. Sri Aurobindo How do we realize our full potential? Is the answer found in the scientific approach and rigor of Western psychology or in the esoteric wisdom of the East? Or, could it be a combination of the two? Since beginning her career as a psychotherapist in 1986, Margot has felt that our perception, understanding and corresponding ways of working with clients were too limited. In some cases, they did not include the human element and in others our spiritual potential. Margot’s search for truth led her to seek a truly holistic model of psychology which addresses our entire human experience and potential. Her quest led to extensive research and exploration of Western and Eastern approaches to psychology and spiritual disciplines. Finally in India, she discovered the work of Sri Aurobindo, an eminent Indian mystic. His description of human experience, consciousness and potential not only fit her experiences and intuitions, but also fulfilled her soul's longing for growing room. Aurobindo’s work became the foundation for her personal and professional development, leading to a wonderful, meaningful and limitless journey. Expanding our worldview and approach to psychology creates space for realizing our greater potential. We can move toward wholeness, wholesomeness and a more congruent way of being. Drawing on her research, personal experience and 31 years of clinical practice, this talk will convey a vision of human potential and psychology that transcends the borders of East and West and opens the scope for a multi-dimensional, broad and inclusive theory and practice for a soul-centered approach to psychology.



About International Transpersonal Conference

The mission of the conference is to present an exclusive series of lectures, panel discussions and experiential workshops delivered by legendary founders of transpersonal psychology such as Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo, Rick Doblin, Alex Grey, Dean Radin and many more key figures of the current transpersonal movement, as well as from other disciplines such as inner health, psychotherapy and clinical research, Psychedelics, shamanism, collective psychics and social transformation, mystical spirituality and more ..

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