Panel Discussion: New Horizons In Science

Sep 30, 2017



NEW HORIZONS IN SCIENCE – Consciousness and the Universe: Is our Universe Conscious? Are we all separate individuals and products of random process happening in a purposeless universe, or is there a kind of meaningful order in cosmos and the universe itself represents a vast collective consciousness interconnecting all life, humanity and our experience into a single inseparable whole? – Chair: Jorge Ferrer, Ph.D.



About International Transpersonal Conference

The mission of the conference is to present an exclusive series of lectures, panel discussions and experiential workshops delivered by legendary founders of transpersonal psychology such as Stanislav Grof, Ervin Laszlo, Rick Doblin, Alex Grey, Dean Radin and many more key figures of the current transpersonal movement, as well as from other disciplines such as inner health, psychotherapy and clinical research, Psychedelics, shamanism, collective psychics and social transformation, mystical spirituality and more ..

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