Data-Pharming: How Big Data is Revolutionizing the BioPharma Industry

Feb 16, 2018



Moderator: Lorraine Marchand, MBA, CBS 'o6- Adjunct Faculty, Columbia Business School; Senior Leader, Consulting Services, IQVIA Panelists Asaf Evenhaim- Co-founder, CEO; Board Member, Crossix Jeffrey Reid - Executive Director of Genome Informatics, Regeneron Julie Rubinstein, MBA- Chief Business Officer, Adaptive Biotechnologies, Corp. Glen de Vries- President & Co-founder, Medidata Solutions



About Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference

The annual Columbia Business School Healthcare Conference, co-hosted by HPM and HCIA, is always a highlight of the year. Even in an era with an abundance of healthcare conferences, the CBS event stands out. The day-long gathering features distinguished healthcare thought leaders and practitioners who provide candid perspective and insights on the ongoing opportunities and challenges facing the global healthcare industry. Always a sell-out, the conference attracts 500+ CBS students, alumni, faculty and industry executives,entrepreneurs and professionals from across the healthcare ecosystem.

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