Crossing over: On Psychedelics and Death with Dale Pendell and Ernst Jünger

by · Jun 23, 2018 · 394 views ·

Beyond Psychedelics

Death and dying are the threshold of human existence, and psychedelic experiences are occasionally considered as means how to glance behind this threshold. The two important psychedelic writers, Dale Pendell and Ernst Jünger occupied themselves with the theme of death throughout their works. D. Pendell meditated on the connection between “poisons” and death on numerous places in his psychonautic opus Pharmako/Poieia/Gnosis/Dynamis. Even the last entries on his website, written before his death in January 2018, are titled Pharmako/Thanatos: Or, how I died. The style and depths of his poetic alchemy of almost all plant poisons known to man bring him very close the writing of Ernst Jünger. E. Jünger, a soldier, novelist, philosopher, and one of the first original writers on psychedelics in German language was interested in the topic of death and dying throughout his extensile and rich work. The aim of my presentation is to consider what happens when we compare the words on crossing over to the other side (related to psychedelics) written by one of the last original American hippies on the one hand, and by the German anti-rationalist philosopher on the other.