Personalizing Non-Personal Promotion

by · Jun 12, 2018 · 35 views ·

Digital Pharma Series

Website visitor identification data unveils surprising trends, including the fact that HCPs are visiting brand’s consumer sites in numbers four times greater than the HCP site. This presentation will take a look at how data captured via an audience identity management platform can: Break the myths of digital behavior of HCPs on consumer vs HCP websites and the content they are consuming Insights on how HCPs are getting to the brand’s websites and opportunities to optimize Understanding why repeat visitors matter and what we can do to support the HCP journey Taking action with audience identification data and driving quality personalized HCP engagement campaigns with suggestion engines, campaign management platforms, etc. Based on HCP-level intelligence, we uncover engagement opportunities to get the right message to the right HCP at the most relevant time. Join us as we explore innovative approaches to create high-quality customer engagement with HCPs.