Science that Serves: Towards Authentic Engagement between Researchers, Scientific Institutions, and the Community

Jul 8, 2018



Science has its roots in service. Established and tested knowledge was passed from generation to generation to improve the health and prosperity of our communities. Today, evidence is often siloed, stuck behind paywalls, or written with too much jargon to be useful to practitioners. Other times it's communicated or applied in ways that fail to serve the needs of vulnerable or historically marginalized communities. How do we ensure that research serves a valuable role in society? How do we engage with all communities that stand to benefit from our collective knowledge and ensure that everyone feels empowered to engage with science? This panel will address the existing barriers between science, society, and individuals -- and what we can do about them. Speaker Recommended Resources: Surrounded by Science ( Science in Society ( Museum of Science and Industry ( Science Education issue focused on Equity and Out of School Learning (



About SIGNS2018

S|GNS (Science | Government, Institutions & Society) Summit was a network-wide meeting for emerging and established leaders across fields to share knowledge, build community, and develop their skills as science advocates, educators, and organizers. S|GNS Summit is a project of the March for Science and was held in Chicago, IL on July 6-8, 2018. Recordings of sessions are freely available here to ensure that content and ideas from this event are accessible to all. Learn more about the S|GN Summit here:

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