Crushing It: Compression on the Web

Feb 20, 2019



Less is more. Your customers want more information, more functionality and more engagement all in less time. Most websites use some sort of compression to help speed up their sites and reduce costs. With the average size of webpages growing over 3MB, gzip is no longer enough. In this session, the basics of modern compression are just the beginning, we will dig deeper into best practices and techniques that you can immediately apply to make the most out of an array of compression options, including multiple types of text compression, image and video compression, and even JavaScript compression. How you configure compression matters to your customers’ experience and your bottom line. Don’t just rely on a basic familiarity of compression. Maximize your compression knowledge and minimize your content volume.



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The Computer Measurement Group is a not-for-profit, worldwide organization of IT professionals committed to sharing information and best practices focused on ensuring the efficiency and scalability of IT service delivery to the enterprise through measurement, quantitative analysis and forecasting. CMG members are primarily concerned with performance evaluation of existing systems to maximize performance (eg. response time, throughput, etc.) and with capacity management where planned enhancements to existing systems or the design of new systems are evaluated to find the necessary resources required to provide adequate performance at a reasonable cost.

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