Empowering Schools through Comparative Data and Global Peer Learning

Apr 16, 2019



Evidence-based decision-making and co-operation among all relevant stakeholders are key to achieving better student learning outcomes and well-being. Drawing upon insights from the Czech Republic’s PISA data, the presentation will underscore the importance of building capacity for using data on learning outcomes at all levels of the education system – from the national ministry, to regional authorities to schools themselves. The OECD’s PISA for Schools project is one example of how to leverage school-level data for change. This project aims to empower schools to generate and use evidence in their school improvement efforts – while connecting them with one another to exchange good practices as a source of inspiration in tackling their unique challenges. Recording from the conference "Success for Every Student 2019 – Data! A wake-up call?" held on April 16, 2019 at the DOX Center for Contemporary Art, Prague, Czech Republic. https://ucimekvalitne.cz/2019/



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