New adventures in front-end, 2019 edition

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The beast is alive! Have you optimized your JavaScript/CSS delivery for performance with HTTP/2 yet? How are you using service workers and server workers these days? What about critical CSS and Server Push? Are you compiling your code base into WebAssembly yet? How do you feel about ASCII-alike CSS Grid layout with polyfluid sizing and ch unit? Have you ever tried to work around nested CSS Custom Properties, untamed 3rd-party scripts, painful web font reflows, shady CSS Houdini tricks and multi-dimensional variable fonts? Well, let’s bring it on! Take the techniques with a grain of salt — we do not take responsibility for sleepless nights and nightmares caused by the content of this session. Beware: you will not be able to unlearn what you’ll learn in the session!

Vitaly Friedman

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