The Power of Community

Mar 5, 2020



Joining a professional community can be one of the most powerful experiences you can have during your career journey. Whether you are a newbie looking to level up or an established professional, communities can help you gain a sense of belonging, create lasting friendships, find mentorship and find support from people working toward a common goal. Personally, I have to thank the tech Instagram and Twitter community for its help in shaping my authentic voice and contributions. Not only have I been able to find my true calling, I’ve also created a few communities of my own (Black Women in Product Design – 300+ members and #Code100 400+ members) just to contribute back to what has helped me so much. Building niche communities isn’t easy! Through trial and error, I’ve learned how to properly automate, grow, engage and provide value to my newly found tribe. In this session, you would learn about finding your ideal community, engaging with an established community and tips to help you build your very own community.



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ConveyUX is a series of events, produced by Blink UX, of interest to user experience professionals.

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