Queering Machine Learning

Jul 12, 2020



I'd like to pose the question of whether it is important to meet and organise as Queer in AI (or any of the other community groups we belong to). This question will take a path of asking what it means 'to queer' our field of machine learning, by critiquing its technical values. This queering of our field allows us to both question the path of technological change we are contributing to, as well as the forms those contributions might take. Going from technical frameworks in machine learning, a history of queer activism, and thinking about the role of inclusion and solitude, I'd like to weave a story of of criticism and connection, and of the ways that we can create collective strength. It is by drawing on this strength that I believe we can demonstrate the types of alternative community that are already possible, and continue our work to develop the future technology that supports greater wellbeing for everyone.



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