Securing Your Company's Crown Jewels While The World Watches The Crown

Nov 6, 2020



In 2017, The Economist published an article on how data is more valuable than oil. Companies like Netflix use data to drive our member's joy, engage with creatives, spend our money efficiently, and help us understand the business. As Netflix continues to scale to more members, we continue to grow our data catalog. Netflix operates with a strong culture of freedom and responsibility, which helps us enable business agility and transparency. At the same time, we must consider the risks in how we collect, store, process, and access data. Recent compliance laws like GDPR and CCPA, are significantly increasing the cost for businesses during a data breach. We also see evidence that consumers care more about how companies handle and secure their data. We believe it's important for security practitioners to move address these risks by implementing secure data lifecycle management. Secure data lifecycle management enables data consumers and producers to access, use, and move data across all data platforms in use with appropriate data protection guardrails. Our talk will explore building a quantitative risk-based approach to accomplish that goal. We'll step through some primers data types and show how we apply risk scenarios to guide our work. We'll also explore the strategies to achieve data lifecycle management at scale by touching on data classification, data tagging, and data lineage while we deep dive into our data security strategy. We'll walk you through how we use risk scenarios to identify the types of controls we want to mitigate those risk scenario risks and how we map those into a matrix to drive data platform roadmaps. We will deep dive into how to engage with data platform owners, consumers, and producers to drive this work to completion. Attendees will leave this talk will understand the importance of security data lifecycle management, how to approach it with a risk-centric approach. Attendees will leave with methods to create a matrix mapping risk scenarios to controls and tools to quantitatively drive a better data security posture for your company.


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