Optimizing Early Warning Classifiers to Control False Alarms via a Minimum Precision Constraint

Mar 28, 2022



Early warning prediction systems can suffer from high false alarm rates that limit utility, especially in settings with high class imbalance such as healthcare. Despite the widespread need to control false alarms, the dominant classifier training paradigm remains minimizing cross entropy, a loss function with no direct relationship to false alarms. While existing efforts often try to reduce false alarms by post-hoc threshold selection after training, we suggest a comprehensive solution by changing the loss function used to train the classifier. Our proposed objective maximizes recall while enforcing a constraint requiring precision to exceed a specified value. We make our objective tractable for gradient-based optimization by developing a family of tight surrogate bounds on precision and recall using the logistic sigmoid function. Our objective can be used to fit any classifier that is trainable via gradient descent over minibatches, including generalized linear models and neural networks. When predicting mortality risk across two large hospital datasets, we show how our method satisfies a desired constraint on false alarms while achieving better recall than alternatives.


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