Keynote Panel Discussion: Overriding the hype - how can we avoid a Quantum Winter? What are the realistic aims for enterprises embracing quantum

Sep 21, 2022



Moderated by Freeke Hejman, Co-Founder and Director of Ecosystem Development, Quantum Delta NL Freeke Heijman is the founding Director of Quantum Delta NL, the public private partnership of global tech companies, public agencies and all the major quantum research hubs in the Netherlands. Her mission is to further strengthen the flourishing Dutch quantum ecosystem to become the most relevant for Europe. She combines her role on a national level, with fostering and growing the Delft ecosystem of startups, companies and research labs at the TU Delft campus as the founding director of Quantum Delft. Both QuTech and Quantum Delft are part of Quantum Delta NL. Freeke has an extensive background in tech and innovation policies at the crossroads of government, academia and industry. She embarked in the quantum field in 2013 when QuTech in Delft was founded. Freeke graduated at the TU Delft Policy Analysis and Systems Engineering department in 1999 and started her career at KPN Research. Before she started at QuTech, Quantum Delft and Quantum Delta NL, she worked at the Ministry of Economic Affairs in different roles in the field of space and innovation policies. Panelists: Manfred Rieck, TecCo Lead Quantum Tech, Deautsche Bahn Thomas Stroh, Chief Expert for Quantum Technologies, Bosch Bob Sutor, VP Corporate Development, ColdQuanta George Woodman, Quantum Computing Lead, AXA



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Quantum.Tech brings together the entire quantum community showcasing the multinational enterprises, governments, academics and solution providers who are leading the charge to achieving quantum supremacy. Quantum.Tech events are held in London and US each year with the global quantum community coming together under one roof. Quantum.Tech aim is to enable you to learn and networking with the leading enterprises and quantum thought leaders of the industry.

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