Keynotes and Stream A - Day 2 - How do we use quantum for good?

Sep 20, 2023



Moderated by Christopher Bishop, Chief Reinvention Officer, Improvising Careers Christopher Bishop is a technology futurist, TEDx speaker and former IBMer. He has performed the role of emcee and led panels for numerous Inside Quantum Technology conferences in New York and Montreal, for The Economist’s “Commercialising quantum” events in London and Silicon Valley and for Quantum.Tech APAC in Singapore.Chris hosts the Quantum Tech Pod series, interviewing C-suite executives at leading quantum companies. In addition, he is a member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium (QED-C) contributing to the Workforce Technology Advisory Committee. Panelists: Simon Armstrong - Quantum Educational Content Development Manager, QURECA John Devaney - Quantum Standards Manager, National Physical Laboratory Madalina Mironiuc - Quantum Fellow, Womanium Rupesh Srivastava - Chief Quantum Officer, Entangled Positions



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