Andreas Gnesda

in May 2014, Andreas Gnesda was voted President of the Austrian Business Association (ÖGV). Succeeding KommR Margarete Kriz-Zwittkovits, he is the 32nd president in the history of ÖGV, Austria’s oldest organization for the representation of business interests. After joining family’s business in 1985, Andreas Gnesda became CEO of Gnesda Ges.m.b.H. in 1990. Today, teamgnesda (Gnesda Real Estate & Consulting GmbH) is Vienna’s leading company in management consulting and project management, offering services such as real-estate strategy, client representation, relocation management, occupancy planning, or interior design. teamgnesda is also growing fast – it expanded to Germany in 2013, and to Turkey and Poland this year. With his company, Andreas Gnesda is currently specializing on the “Next World of Work” program, a strategic approach which creates sustainable changes in organization and company culture through meaningful working environments. He has also taught courses in facility management and facility logistics at Danube University Vienna and the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein.