Ingrida Indane

Ingrida Indāne, MA - Chairman of Latvian Transpersonal Psychology and Psychotherapy Association, director of Transpersonal Education Institute in Latvia, board member and executive director of European Transpersonal Association (EUROTAS), coordinator of the Certification and Accredetation Committee of EUROTAS. Studied arts, pedagogy, psychology, psychotherapy, arts therapy, family constellations. Certified transpersonal psychotherapist and supervisor. She has studied and integrated transpersonal psychology and arts therapy in her work since 1995. In her practice she applies both shamanistic and Buddhism psychological techniques that she has learned individually from private teachers. Conducted seminars and workshops on transpersonal psychology, arts and arts therapy in European Union, India, Australia, Russia and Moldova for more then 15 years. Working with private clients/patients for 12 years.