Jacob Moth

Jacob Moth was born 1967 in Denmark. He is a professional musician and composer. He has been playing with well known danish band Savage Rose and had big success in Asia with his band BL!NK. He has composed for film, TV and documentary. He has studied and practised yoga, mediation, shamanism and experienced orientated psychotherapy with and without psychedelics for more than three decades. He has written an autobiographical travelogue - Land of the Nocturnal Butterfly - an inner journey - which has preface by Stanislav Grof. Jacob met Ecaterina on a jam session in 1999. Their love and their music gave them strength to believe in and manifest Jacobs vision. Together they created The Magic Garden. With their band LilaRose they have worked with producer Gary Wallis - who has been drummer in Pink Floyd. Their mission is to support people on their adventure of self-discovery. They conduct plant ceremonies and use their music as a vehicle in journeys in consciousness. Jacob designed a 19 string butterfly guitar with built in light show and electric violin bow as his shamanic wand.

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