Kamila Němečková

"I started my professional carreer as a lawyer after I had obtained my degree in law in 1995. During my studies I left abroad. I was living three years in France (Toulouse), two years in Switzerland (Geneve) and two years in China (Dalian). After my return to the Czech republic I achieved my degree and honours in the General Theory and History of Art and Culture at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Charles University in 2006. At this faculty I had my own lectures (Spirituality and Culture and Spirituality in the Context of Contemporary Science) in the period of 2007-2013. Since then I have been having lectures for professional and lay public. My doctor degree in this disciplines I obtained in 2015. I am an author, my first book „Chapters to Non-Religious Spirituality“ was published in 2016. I follow up various projects concerning the field of spirituality. Last year at the Czech transpersonal conference I prepared and was moderating thematic track „Spirituality, Science and New horizons of Knowledge“. Another part of my professional activity is the growing therapeutic help. "