Karel Oliva

Doc. RNDr. Karel Oliva, Dr. is an internationally recognized researcher in the area of formal syntax of natural language, taking innovative approaches resulting in commercial applications. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of the Charles University in Prague, held research positions at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences in Sofia, at the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the University of Saarland in Saarbrücken (Germany), and at the Austrian Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence (OeFAI) in Vienna. He has published over 85 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings, he was a team leader and co-author of implementations of several software packages (i.a. of a Grammar-checker of Czech for Microsoft Office). He is a director of the Institute of the Czech Language ASCR. He is currently a member of teaching staff of the Faculty of Science of the J. E. Purkynie University in Usti nad Labem.