Kiran Kumar K. Salagame

Kiran retired as Professor of Psychology from the University of Mysore, India. He has a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology and his doctoral work was on altered states of consciousness. As a Fulbright Post-Doctoral Fellow at Saybrook Graduate School, USA, he studied cross-cultural aspects of meditation and published a monograph titled “Psychology of Meditation: A contextual approach”. Integrating Indian psychological concepts to mainstream psychology has been the primary focus of his academic career as well as his therapeutic practice. He has delivered lectures, presented and published papers and conducted workshops in India and abroad on - health and well-being, meditation & Yoga, positive psychology, self and identity, states of consciousness. As a Fulbright-Nehru Visiting Professor at the University of Central Arkansas, USA he taught a course on Positive Psychology from Indian and Western perspectives. He was honoured with Psycho-Award by Indian Association of Clinical Psychologists. Kiran is on the Board of International Transpersonal Association and is an Honorary Professor and Member Scientific Board, of the International Academy for Yoga Teacher Training and Society for Interdisciplinary Yoga Research, Belgrade, Serbia. He was a Senior Research Fellow of the Indian Council of Social Sciences Research. He has been on the Editorial Boards of many national and international journals.