Robert "Rio" Hahn

Rio Hahn began consciousness work with behaviorists Ray Birdwhistle and Irving Goffman at the Annenberg Graduate School, U. of Pennsylvania, where Hahn received his degree. Work with Minor White at MIT led to Hahn's new book, Mind Mirrors, unique exercises for learning to see in a higher state of consciousness. An explorer, he is a Founding Member of the Society for Ethnopharmacolgy, a Fellow of both The Explorers Club and the Royal Geographical Society. He was Scientific Chief for a two-year ethnopharmacological Amazon expedition working with shamans, with participants Terrance and Dennis McKenna and Wade Davis. Hindu Sanskrit scholar and yogi, Swami Dharmjoyti, initiated Hahn into the unprecedented oral use of the psychoactive plant Datura in Nepal. This work, presented to the Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness, and published in the English and German editions of the Entheogen Review, led his friend, LSD discoverer Albert Hofmann, to name him Dr. Psychedelica. As an ethnobotanical explorer, Hahn brings a unique perspective to consciousness studies and their application in modern therapy. He is now exploring the use of the legal Datura plant as a new therapeutic tool.