Sandra Harner

Dr. Sandra Harner, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies in partnership with her husband Dr. Michael Harner, has deeply engaged in the study and practice of shamanism for more than fifty years. Fieldwork has taken her to indigenous peoples of the American West and Southwestern United States, Samiland, and Eastern Ecuador. She published her experimental research on psychological and immunological effects of the shamanic journey and designed a training in cultivating creativity through shamanism. Working with individual clients she has introduced the basics of the shamanic journey to them in a systematic way such that they develop their personal spiritual connections and proficiencies. As an example of one client’s spiritual growth in this process, she published “Ema’s Odyssey: Shamanism for healing and spiritual knowledge;” it is a study of 10 years of shamanic journey mentoring with the spirits. Her passion is to open the joy and ecstasy, the dynamic potenciality and vitality of shamanism, for individuals to experience in their own unique and authentic ways and to bridge the worlds, facilitate deep understanding, compassion, peace and hope through this ancient practice.