Siegmar Gerken

Siegmar Gerken, Ph.D., ECP, HP studied psychology, education and anthropology. He has pioneered body-oriented and mindfulness-centered therapy and Humanistic, Somatic and Transpersonal Psychology since 1971. He is on the faculty of JFK University, at the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California, Behavioral Therapy Training Institute Hamburg and teaches at universities and private institutes worldwide on the interconnectedness of psychosomatic processes as they manifest on the levels of body, emotions, mind, will and consciousness. His Near Death Experience (NDE) as a child and consequent vision to “bring light into people’s body”, ultimately lead to his research in energy field documentation with Prof. F.A. Popp on psycho-emotional states, which opened new horizons to scientists and practitioners. He is co-founder of the Scientific Committee of the EABP. Siegmar is a lecturer, therapist, trainer and supervisor and director of the Intern. Institute for Core evolution