Vladimír Mařík

Vladimír Mařík is an expert in the field of artificial intelligence. He co-founded the Gerstner Laboratory for Intelligent Decision Making, one of the leading workplaces in the field of artificial intelligence in the Czech Republic. He has more than 30 years of experience in leading research activities in the field of applied artificial intelligence, namely in the fields of expert systems, multi-agent systems, intelligent planning and scheduling. His research has been supported by EU funding (12 projects bringing in 8 mil EUR). He has been involved in the development of many industrial solutions, e.g. in the Shipboard Automation (funded by ONR, 2002-2006), AgentFly (AFRL, 2004-2010), EXPLANTECH for Skoda/Volkswagen (2006-2008). Currently, he is acting as the technical lead of the EU Project ARUM aimed at multi-agent production scheduling at AIRBUS Group (12 mil. EUR). He is an author/co-author of more than 160 journal and conference papers, co-author/editor of 17 books, and the co-author of 5 US patents.