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    We've been organizing The Blockchain Conference in multiple cities including London, New York, Hong Kong and San Francisco. Now we're bringing the Blockchain Conference to the nation's capital. If you're interested in learning more about how blockchain (distributed ledger) technology is moving beyond Bitcoin and crypto-currencies and disrupting traditional models of financial services and other industries, you should join us.
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    Our conference will provide you with an expert tour guide and a map to make your journey to "happiness" a successful one!
  • 28 presentations 28 talks · 25 471 views
    CERGE-EI offers world-class, merit-based, fully-funded graduate degrees in economics to students primarily from the transition countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) and emerging market economies throughout the world.
  • 8 presentations 8 talks · 4 806 views
    Exner Lectures & Wilhelm Exner Medal of Österreichischer Gewerbeverein Österreichischer Gewerbeverein (ÖGV), Austrian Association of SME, awards the Wilhelm Exner Medal, named after the Austrian economic and technology conveyor, since 1921. Since that year 233 scientists and inventors, including 22 Nobel Prize winners, have been awarded. The diverse research results of the laureates are characterized by a respect for entrepreneurial practice, as they form and constitute the fundament for growth of trade and industry. Therefore they correspond entirely to the principles expressed by Wilhelm Exner (1840-1931). Exner always looked at the revolutionizing economic and social changes in his life as a great opportunity and was aimed to cope with problems proactively and constructively. Exner represented the cosmopolitan Austrian liberalism, which was committed to modernize and transform the economy, science and society in lieu of foreclosure and enemy images. During his long career he set a variety of critical initiatives and held important private and public functions. His career was marked by sustainable action, never by pessimism, but by a strong will to modernize society. At the age of 35, he was rector of the University - then college - of Natural Resources ( He was among other initiators and from 1879 to 1904 first director of the Technological Trade Museum ( in Vienna. In addition he was also instrumental in the creation of laws, in the formation of the Vienna Technical Museum, industrial and the Austrian Research Institutes for the History of Technology and the Technical Laboratory. These characteristics dominating Wilhelm Exners personality are found in its basic features with many Wilhelm Exner Medal carriers. Among the laureates there is a variety of excellent physicists, chemists, mathematicians, mechanical engineers, doctors, biologists, ingenious inventors and designers, many of whom have been internationally awarded the highest scientific awards and honors. Thelecture is held every year, with the focus on hte field of research of the years medalist. Following the statutes of the Wilhelm-Exner-Medal-Foundation all nominations fpr the medal are restricted to the previous laureats, in order to guarantee the internationally high level of the medal. Lectures and ceremony is held every november in the presence of highest representatives of the Republic of Austria.
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    A civic association KRUH (Circle) was founded in 2001 by a group of architecture students at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Focus of our activities lies in an ongoing cycle of lectures on architecture held by leading Czech and foreign architects and architecture critics. In addition to that, we have organized excursions to contemporary architectural realisations and film festivals. During ten years of our activity, we have provided almost 200 lectures (e.g. series of lectures 'Across Swiss Architecture' – in cooperation with a Swiss foundation Pro Helvetia and Swiss Embassy in Prague), three excursions abroad, two film festivals on architecture, an exhibition, and published four collective anthologies with texts on architecture. All our activities gained both a favourable public response (200 – 500 visitors per lecture, 2000 visitors at film festival) and a response of professional press (awarded Architekt magazine prize in 2003). So far we have lined up lectures by significant figures of contemporary architecture eg. Aaron Betsky, Eva Jiřičná, Jan Kaplický, Luigi Snozzi, Mario Botta, Dietmar Eberle, Francisco Mangado and as well many starting Czech architects. In all we do our goal is to create a continuous dialogue about contemporary issues among architects, architecture theorists and public. Our target group consists of architecture students, architects, construction engineers, humanities students and last but not least the general public. This year our programme is focused on lectures and presentation of recent projects, which came out from important architecture competitions in Czech Republic. The aim of the project is to show what is happening right now in architecture, what is new and progressive for architects, and how they deal with the idea of competition.
  • 13 presentations 13 talks · 14 933 views
    START THINKING STARTUP #ThinkStartup Čtvrtý ročník Startup Summitu přináší novinku – letos vysvětlí fungování startupů lidem z byznysu.
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    The CEPA Forum is the only platform of its kind in Washington for government leaders and the expert community to engage on key strategic questions linking the United States and its Central-East European Allies. The Forum highlights the transformative economic and political impact of the countries between the Baltic and Black Seas and their importance to the United States. Now in its 7th meeting, the Forum brings together more than 400 leaders from government, business and research institutions for high-level, policy-focused discussions aimed at strengthening U.S. engagement in Central-East Europe. Incorporating experts and senior decision-makers from both sides of the Atlantic, the Forum considers emerging opportunities and potential strategic risks in this critical region of the world. The proceedings are widely covered in U.S. and Central-East European media.
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    We give you full-featured antivirus for free. You help us with free word-of-mouth advertising and quicker discovery of new viruses. Together, it makes us the most popular antivirus in the world.
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    Welcome to the San Francisco Amateur Astronomers! We are here to help you get the most out of amateur astronomy. You’ll find our club has something fun and interesting for you to do whether you are a beginner or an experienced amateur. Our members are all Bay Area enthusiasts who love the varied aspects of our hobby – public outreach, star viewing trips, scientific lectures, telescope making clinics as well as private members-only dark sky viewing nights and more. The SFAA has been operating since 1952 and proudly continues a long tradition of helping promote the appreciation of the wonders of the night sky within our Bay Area community.
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    Univerzita Palackého v Olomouci je vysoká škola s dlouhou tradicí. Byla založena již v 16. století a je tak nejstarší vysokou školou na Moravě a druhou nejstarší v České republice. V současnosti představuje moderní vzdělávací instituci se širokou nabídkou studijních oborů a bohatou vědeckou činností. Na jejích osmi fakultách studuje přes 24 000 studentů, což tvoří celou pětinu obyvatel města Olomouce.
  • 35 presentations 35 talks · 24 120 views
    Goethe-Institut je kulturní institut Spolkové republiky Německo s celosvětovou působností. Podporujeme znalost německého jazyka v zahraničí a pěstujeme mezinárodní kulturní spolupráci. Informováním o kulturním, společenském a politickém životě zprostředkováváme komplexní obraz Německa.
  • 19 presentations 19 talks · 11 890 views
    Čeština v komunikaci neslyšících (ČNES) je tříletý (bakalářský) a dvouletý (navazující magisterský) studijní obor, jehož cílem je připravit postojově orientované, profesně vybavené specialisty s dokonalou znalostí českého znakového jazyka, kteří budou – v opoře o širší kontext poznatků o kultuře českých neslyšících a o specifičnosti jejich komunikace – působit v hraničních profesích mezi slyšící většinou a neslyšící menšinou a budou tak přispívat k rozvíjení interkulturní komunikace, k budování a utvrzování interkulturního porozumění.


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    2 presentations 2 talks · 1 289 views
    Managing Partner, C5 Insight
  • 2 presentations 2 talks · 1 483 views
    Internet Entrepreneur since 1996. Managing Director of
  • 3 presentations 3 talks · 3 389 views
    As a Lime&Tonic investor, manager, believer: Enriching the lives of our members, one unforgettable experience at a time.
  • 2 presentations 2 talks · 3 090 views
    IBM Fellow
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 969 views
  • B
    1 presentation 1 talk · 1 243 views
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 747 views
    Phoenix Kaspian is an artist and musician based in Berlin.
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 204 views
    Senior Lecturer, Psychology
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 2 094 views
    Ethnopharmacologist, author and Founder at Symbio Life Sciences, PBC
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 204 views
    I write code. Python & emacs 4life. currently @venmo, previously @reddit & @recursecenter
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 18 138 views
    Consultant Front-end Architect
  • 1 presentation 1 talk · 1 954 views
    Customer Retention & Acquisition through Experience Design
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    3 presentations 3 talks · 3 280 views
  • 2 presentations 2 talks · 1 939 views
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    3 presentations 3 talks · 1 168 views
    Creative Strategist, Time Inc.
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